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Our Digital forms with autofill make completing an insurance application a breeze for your clients.
SME Expectations are increasing when applying for insurance. Are You Ready For It?

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About Us

Our Mission

Our platform allows commercial insurance brokers to create customised digital proposal forms and factfinders for their clients

We help your customers:

  • Provide information quickly, securely and effortlessly through online application forms.
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Our Platform



Customise your question set on our online platform. Or we'll create it from your existing factfinders and proposal forms.

Better than PDF

No more emailing PDFs to gather risk information. Delight your customers with a link to a personalised application form.

Less Questions = Happy Customers

We fill out tedious bits using data from open APIs like Companies House. Conditional logic helps you ask the relevant questions and skip the rest.

Painless Renewals

No more copying and pasting data or emailing clients last years form. Your customers can effortlessly choose to reuse answers from previous applications

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Less time spent filling forms allows your customers to focus on what matters to them: their business.

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